"You did a beautiful job on our pool.  I also want to tell you what an incredible company you have.  In a world where people don't stand by their word or guarantee, it was such a good experience to have your company remodel our pool.  Your staff was so professional and patient with us.  It has been almost a year and our pool sweep needed work.  You took the sweep and dealt with the manufacturer, you replaced tiles that you didn't have to, and when we thought we had rust spots (which we didn't) you came out and looked at the pool.  There doesn't seem to be to many companies like yours out there and I want you to know how very much I appreciate it.  Bakersfield Pool Plastering is a high caliber company, and I would recommend you whole heartedly."  Sue Kelly

"Please accept and extend to your crew my sincere gratitude for your superior service and workmanship.  My pool is beautiful and I am so glad I chose you to remodel my pool."  Janice

"We are so happy with the work your company did remodeling our pool.  It has made the entire backyard look beautiful.  All your crews were on track and every crew did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.  We will recommend your company to anyone that is considering remodeling.  Thanks again for everything."  Greg and Stephanie Holland

"I am so grateful for your enormous generousity.  I know this was a most didfficult decsion to redo our pool, and I know that you are definitely the right person for the job.  Your business will prosper because you make the right decisions when things aren't always right."  Veronica

How wonderfully kind of you to put in a handrail for us.  Your workmen do such fine work.  They went out of their way to be clean and neat.  It is so good to work with a trustworthy firm."  Anna Fay McDonald

I truly want to thank you and let you know how very pleased I am with the quality of service your company provides.  I appreciate so much the professional and friendly way you conduct your business.  I am so very happy with the job you have done on my pool and I'll recommend your company to others."  Carole Griffen

"Words cannot describe how beautiful our old pool now looks.  We researched local contractors and Bakersfield Pool Plastering had an impeccable reputation.  Your guys worked in 100+ degree weather without complaint.  they found joy iin their work, and they went out of their way to ease my worry that my tile was the right choice.  I had a leak in my skimmer, they found it and fixed it with in the hour.  We highly recommend your company and would like you to bring people over to see our pool anytime you'd like."  Henry Pacheco

"Our pool was done by you last spring.  You started the job when promised; finished the job when promised; and at all times the project was conducted in a very professional manner, from chipping to application and cleanup.  Unfortunately, a couple cracks were discovered in the step of the spa.  When we notified you, your response was immediate and you had two suggestions. Before we could choose, you totally offered to redo the spa.  The redo was accomplished in the same manner as the original job.  Your firm cannot be recommended more highly, from workmanship, integrity, and professionalism.  Thank you for a job well done."  Peter and Linda Lewis

We are enjoying the heck out of our pool.  It is one of those rare purchases I've made where I've actually been more pleased with time.  We shopped this project around.  I've been both pleased and impresed with your diligence and capability.  You made big promisses and you've kept each one....Thank you for everything.  My kids are splashing up a storm!"  Brian Atchison

"We thank you for the follow up and detail needed for our swimming pool.  It is great to work with honest professionals and those who verbally stand by their words of, " we will make it right.'  Our beautiful pool is always open for propsective customers."  The Repps

"Our pool is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you for everything."  S. Washington